Sneak Peak



From February 1, 2014 to February 1, 2015, I kept a secret and explored New York City’s underground kink scene. Only a few close confidants were privy to the adventure I embarked upon. In a single year, between a weather phenomenon known as a polar vortex, 12-plus snow storms, holding a busy, fulltime job, starting my own parttime company, earning hours towards my pilot’s license, officiating two weddings, being a member of my church congregation and board, and secretly dating a well-known celebrity, I ventured into the world of Kink. Many nights, I crept out on my own to a local dungeon, secretive events, “underground” (sometimes literally) parties, meeting people “in the scene,” taking classes and notes and learning all along. I spent my days writing down what I could remember. My career, professional and personal life never suffered and no one was the wiser. This is my story


A few types of Play/Roles/Fetishes/Communities

  • Impact Play (Punching, Slapping)
  • Incest role play—Daddy/Daughter; Mommy/Son—Persons are not related, but acting as if they are (i.e., Mommy, Daddy, Uncle, Aunt, Sister)
  • Piss play—play with urine or golden showers
  • Handcuff collector
  • Foot Fetishism--worshipping of feet and toes
  • Bootblacking—shining and cleaning boots
  • Leather Fetish/Leather Community/Leather Family
  • Sadist
  • Mental bondage aka hypnosis or hypnokink
  • Fire Play
  • Sensation Play
  • Pressure points/reflexology
  • Medical/Needle/Blood Play—reenact medical procedures often using authentic equipment; draw blood; examinations; play piercing: designs, embroidery
  • Demo bottoming
  • Cupping
  • Bondage
  • Switching
  • Animal play: Equestrian (Horse) or Pony Play, Puppy (Dog) or Kitty (Cat) Play, etc.
  • Toilet play—urinating or defecating on someone or in their mouth
  • Erotic photographer
  • Polyamory
  • Electric Edge play—hand-held electricity-delivering devices
  • Rope aficionado/bondage
  • Tease, Denial, Humiliation, Objectification
  • Fisting (Anal and Vaginal)
  • Knives
  • Lifestyle Slave—24/7. Can have a job
  • Breath Play—manipulation of oxygen and breathing
  • Water Sports—Play in Water
  • Non-traditional implements: kitchen tools, butane-heated steel, phone books
  • Corporal Punishment—Spanking, caning, paddling, hitting—Popular Methodology/Technique for Torture: Start with a soft, caress, rubbing and patting. Work your way up incrementally to harder, more firm taps/smacks/slaps. With time, build up to heavier hits and sporadically interchange between light and hard pressure to keep the receiver guessing. If done properly, you should see the nude, naughty recipient wet and dripping or rock hard from excitement. Parts of the Body suitable for torture: Butt, Private Parts, Palms of Hands, Bottoms of Feet, Inner Thighs. Bottom of the butt checks is known as the “sweet spot.”
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